Positive Change through Community-Led Total Sanitation

CLTS (Community-Led Total Sanitation) training implemented in Lindu Sub-district on 27-28 November 2019. Participants were representatives of Posyandu Cadres, OPRB (Disaster Risk Reduction Local Organization), a representative from the Water Committee, and from 5 assisted villages representatives (Puroo, Langko, Tomado, Anca, and Olu Villages). One of the participants who participated in the activity is Orpa, she is the OPRB representative team in Anca Village.

At the training, Ibu Orpa was certain to have improved her knowledge of CLTS. This could be seen from the results of the increased pre-post test of Orpa and during the CLTS training, she was the one active participant when discussion session.

Orpa said this CLTS training brought positive changes to her daily life. “Previously, I rarely wash my hands with soap, but after being educated I learned the benefits of washing my hands using soap in running water, as well as knowing various diseases that would happen to me when I do not have clean and healthy behavior.

“When I participated in training, I was given an understanding of the 5 CLTS pillars for daily life, I realized that so far I did not know the good application for my family, but after the training, slowly started to change my habits so that I could improve my personal health, family, and people around neighborhood.

“I hope that the health education that has been given can continue to be disseminated in Lindu District because health is a right for the community.”

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