Researching for Thesis in IBU: Observe the Program in Community Development Perspective

Writer: Nurul Fatika (Social Welfare Students in Padjajaran University)

My first got to know IBU Foundation while participating in practicum and internship in April-June 2019. At the practicum, we visited IBU Subang Site where there is a program implemented. The program is Skill To Succeed. After several months, I interested to conduct research for my thesis of the implementation of the program from the perspective of community development. I conducted research for 4 days. IBU was very open and friendly to accept me to do research. They are cool, casual, but still professional. I was given direction in relation to the interview activity and was met by needed sources.

Now the Skill to Succeed Program activity is compacted for 3 days, usually 5 days. IBU Foundation is busy with the final phase of the program implementation. The Skill To Succeed Program will go to the evaluation phase.

Nurul (middle, standing) with Subang Team

As for the expectations of the program beneficiaries delivered, KW (19) who stated that he wanted the training activities to continue for the next generation. KW also said that this training was very useful especially for him who was starting a business. Initially, KW claimed that he used to be a shy figure and lacked confidence. After KW participated in Soft Skill Training and entrepreneurship, KW had begun to dare to speak in public and was able to develop businesses that KW lived by applying the Soft Skill Training such as business planning, financial planning, and marketing that had been trained by the facilitator during implementation program.

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