IBU Team

Ridwan “Jack” Gustiana

Board of Patron and Founder

is a doctor and magister graduate in Public Health from Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. Ridwan has more than 10 years of experience in development, management, and implementation of Maternal & Child Health, Infectious Disease, Reproductive Health, and Nutrition programs.
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He is an expert in designing people-based health programs including resource management to achieve the expected outcomes. He has vast knowledge about BCC (Behavioral Change Communication) methodology, PLA (Participatory Learning Action), and their implementation in health, nutrition, and sanitary programs. He is also a trainer of SPHERE, a minimum standard course in disaster management as well as a specialist of public health in disaster especially in infectious disease and people-based total sanitary. He is also one of specialists in disaster risk management, disaster awareness, and emergency response in IBU Foundation.

Hendro Nugroho

Board of Advisory

is a doctor with specialized skill in public health and government policy in health program. He has vast knowledge about management and implementation of Maternal & child health, infectious disease, reproductive health, and nutrition programs. He serves as trustee from 2012 to present.

Rika Setiawati

Chairman and Psychosocial & Early Child Development Specialist

Has a background education in psychology, especially in child clinical psychology. Since 2005 she handles post-disaster psychosocial and people-based early childhood development programs.
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She has qualification in project management (program and operational), therapy and counseling, writing, and participatory facilitating technique. Her dedication to therapy brought her to register intellectual property of Body Movement Integrative Approach along with some colleagues.

Brata Manggala

Vice Chairman

having a background in Social Welfare science. More than 10 years of experience working in national and international NGOs on child and youth issues in the areas of education, reproductive health, child protection, public health, disability, psychosocial, work readiness, and disaster management. Previously, he joined the IBU Foundation for a program to reduce the number of dengue fever events and disaster risk reduction and emergency response programs.

Kiki Noorrizki

General Secretary and Human Resource Advisor

has a long experience in personnel selection and HR management in formal organizational settings, made her challenged when she was offered to manage HR at IBU Foundation.
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At first position as an external HR consultant in September 2018, then had the opportunity to occupy the position of General Secretary, making her involved more further in the management of human resources in the humanitarian world who can contribute in improving organizational effectiveness and job welfare for the staff and volunteers. Developing a Human Resource Management system that in line with IBU Foundation's values and being able to answer the needs of personnel in various program demands is a goal that makes it always open to learning.

Riki Gustiansyah


has an academic background in management. Is one of the IBU volunteers in the humanitarian program at the beginning of the formation of IBU in early 2005. Riki is one of IBU founders and helped make IBU an institution that has a legal entity. After completing his program in Aceh, Riki focused in developing the organization’s financial and operational areas.

Pramaningtyas Sarce Margareth Rumbiak

Director Executive

has background in psychology and joined IBU since 2009 as psychosocial team in early recovery program of earthquake disaster in Garut, Jawa Barat. Since then, she was involved in IBU programs implementation, including as Project Manager in Early Childhood Development program in South Cianjur, thus enriched her in early childhood education and health from the perspective of community development.

Levina Ardiati

Program Director

with a background in public health education, especially in health informatic. Having experience as Operational and Communication Coordinator at SOLIDARITAS, Office Manager at Aliansi Remaja Independen and involve in various health researches throughout the student’s life enabled her to manage the administrative and operational support of the organization.

Isma Novitasari

Senior Technical Advisor

Graduated from Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg and is an ac ve researcher of health issues. Vita, as she is usually called, has expertise in maternal & child health, family planning, neglected tropical disease (specifically dengue), monitoring & evaluation, formative research, and public policy. She began involved in IBU as volunteer and Merapi and as an end-line evaluator in Early Childhood Development Program in Cianjur, West Java.

Cathy Sharon

Goodwill Ambassador

is an Indonesian model and actress who has remarkable goodwill in helping others. For long she kept her wish to join and participate in humanitarian organization. On August 2009, she trusted IBU Foundation and accepted the offer to be the ambassador of the organization.

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