Pelatihan Entrepreneurship dan Soft Skill Bagi Orang Muda

Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik with IBU Foundation developed an empowerment program for youth through the Skills to Succeed Program supported by Accenture through Phase 5 of Global Grant (GG5) in 2018-2020, which was a continuation of the previous GG4 Skills to Succeed Program.

To achieve the goal of increasing the capacity and opportunity of disadvantaged youth and young people to have better-living conditions through work skills, employment opportunities, and/or working independently, IBU with Yayasan Sayangi Tunas Cilik held Entrepreneurship Training for beneficiaries in 6 assisted villages in Subang District. The activity was intended to help participants assess their readiness and improve technical knowledge, mental readiness, and commitment to entrepreneurship. This training collaborates with business practitioners, people who have expertise in entrepreneurship (academics/entrepreneurial motivators), and entrepreneurial communities.

In addition to Entrepreneurship Training, IBU conducts Softskill Training on job readiness. The training is to improve the capacity of young people to manage themselves, interact with the social environment, and find jobs or start a business that is in accordance with their potential and opportunities. This training is also for preparing non-technical skills of young people in the assisted villages in the work field and entrepreneurship outside of vocational or technical skills. Softskill training is the basis for evaluating interests, potentials, and making subsequent training plans, such as entrepreneurship training, vocational/technical/ hard skills training and/or work practices in local business actors.