Pengelolaan Stres untuk Ibu yang Berkarier

When a mother chooses to work, she will not let go of her duties as mother and wife. They have several roles, namely as a mother, wife, and career woman. Related, inevitably have to have extra energy and time in order to help her role.

The matter of educating children and taking care of the household certainly remains a responsibility. Meanwhile, outside the home, career women are required to show a good work performance. These conditions often cause conflicts that if not handled properly can cause stress. Here are some simple ways to manage stress for career women.

1. Always be Positive

Refrain from saying negative things like “Today is a very tiring day, I’m tired”. But try to motivate yourself with positive words like “You can definitely complete all of these tasks”. Because positive words will change perceptions that cause optimism and positive emotions.

2. Relaxation

When stress comes, try to stretch your muscles and take a deep breath to relax. Relaxing conditions will clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Meditation or religious activities like praying can also help you relax.

3. Manage schedule

Stress does not come from the number of tasks that must be done, but lack of task planning for example in determining the priority scale. As a result, these tasks cannot be done well. Re-planning your daily goals and writing them can reduce the burden because it makes it easy to do these tasks.

4. Feel grateful

Don’t forget to be grateful. Because with gratitude means forgiving yourself and the environment that causes stress. This decrease negative feelings that make a person depressed. In addition, based on positive psychology, gratitude can also increase happiness.

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