Building Healthy School at SD Inpress Lambara, Sigit District

Ms. Adolfina is a teacher of 1st grade in Inpres Lambara Elementary School, Lambara Village, Tanambulava Sub-district, Sigi District. Inpres Lambara Elementary School was one of the schools affected by the earthquake, liquefaction, and tsunami disaster on September 28, 2018 and then became one of assisted school in WASH In Schools Program, collaboration with IBU Foundation with Care International Indonesia and UNICEF.

Mrs. Adolfina has been teaching for almost 9 years and has never participated in training activities on PHBS (Clean and Healthy Behavior) at school. Luckily, the school was also assisted by the program and able to participate in PHBS Training, Menstrual Hygiene Management, and Little Doctors. Here’s the story.

“In my opinion, this training is valuable and great. During the training, there were a lot of experiences and knowledge that we received specific training on how to apply clean and healthy behavior in schools.”

Received materials

“We felt that the training is very valuable for us to implement in schools for our students. After we took part in the training, we had done introduce several things to our students. Including proper hand-washing, teaching children how to maintain hygiene in the school environment. We have implemented it, even the teachers came down with students to collect garbage and dispose it to the trash bin. We teach girl students when they have menstruation. We gave them knowledge, if they have menstruation it means they have entered the mature phase. We have taught them what to do when they have menstruation.”

“We have been socializing to people who sell snacks at the school canteen to provides healthy snacks, avoid food preservatives, and food coloring. So that students become healthy and not easily infected by a disease. We have also socialized to other teachers that they do not have a smoke in the school area.”