Training On City Planner of Malang City

Planning, Research, and Development Agency or Barenlitbang of Malang City collaborated with IBU Foundation to improve the Laskar Perencana’s (city cadre for community development) performance in Planning and Development Training at the sub-district level. Laskar Perencana, is a representative of the community who has been recruited from each sub-district in Malang and become one of those who assists in the community development plan meeting (musrenbang) initiated by Barenlitbang of Malang City.

IBU Foundation facilitates Laskar Perencana by delivers training on technical and simulation of community development plan meetings. The activity was aimed at the Laskar Perencana could document all proposals and provide improved assistance to the community in the musrenbang meeting. Community participation is very important to improve community development in each sub-district in Malang.

One of the hopes was conveyed by representatives of the Klojen Sub-district, the role of the Laskar Perencana could contribute to the process of submitting community proposals, especially related to authority. For example, if there are community proposals, those proposals fall under whose authority. Is the regional, provincial, central or other authority. This is because most people cannot distinguish between wants and needs. So the hope of the Laskar Perencana can direct to targeted authority.

Quoted from Malang Times, Malang Mayor, Drs. H. Sutiaji, hopes that the Laskar Perencana will soon work in accordance with their duties and obligations. So that the process of exploring development proposals can be maximized. The community can also make more constructive proposals as needed.

Group photo with Malang Mayor (center of the photo, wear black beret)